Muscle Scraper

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Knots Don't Stand A Chance 

Maximize your recovery by using our Muscle Scraper. This is perfect for pin pointing a specific area in your muscle where there is a knot. Also, after using a treatment this is a great tool to get out any unwanted residue and reactivate your muscles. 

How To Use

  1. Apply essential oil or favorite muscle lubricant to affected muscle 
  2. Hold the Muscle Scraper firmly, but not so much that it's painful 
  3. Run the Muscle Scraper up and down the muscle as well as side to side to remove any knots. 

Where You'll See Big Benefits

  1. Relieve tension headaches in the shoulders
  2. Back pain caused by muscle tightness
  3. Sore shoulders or neck 
  4. Soreness from working out (upper body and legs)
  5. Relieve soreness, knots, and fatigue without paying big for massages
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